Kyma Data Logger (KDL) is an on-board system for the continuous logging of sensor data.

The KDL, which typically logs sensor data every 15 seconds, will automatically send the data ashore at regular intervals. Here the data can be further analysed or interfaced to your own fleet performance system/dashboard.

The KDL system consists of a compact cabinet containing:

  • Computer unit with 4 serial ports (RS-232/422/485), 2 x LAN interfaces.
  • Data logger card with 8 analogue, 8 pulse, and 8 digital input channels.
  • Inputs for up to 8 NMEA devices (2 x NMEA Multiplexers).
  • UPS unit (battery pack).
  • Power supply unit.

Typical logged values:

  • M/E Shaft Power
  • M/E Shaft Torque
  • M/E, G/E, Blr. F.O. Flow
  • M/E, G/E, Blr. F.O. Type
  • Draft Aft
  • GPS Time
  • Ship course by GPS
  • Wind Dir. Rel.
  • Wind Speed Rel.
  • etc. …
  • M/E Shaft Speed
  • M/E Shaft Thrust
  • M/E, G/E, Blr. F.O. Temp.
  • Speed Through Water (Log)
  • Draft Fwd.
  • Ship Lat/Lon by GPS
  • Ship speed by GPS
  • Water depth
  • Rudder angle

The KDL is connected to the vessel LAN system to permit the following types of data transfer:

  • Possibility for automatic sending of raw data to Kyma API solution.
    (requires a separate annual subscription to Kyma API solution).
  • Possibility for automatic sending of raw data (CSV format) to owner’s own system as email attachment.
  • Possibility for remote access using TeamViewer to simplify future upgrades or service requirements.

The KDL can be adapted to various types of vessels, machinery and signal configurations. For further information and prices, please contact us.

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