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Kyma Diesel Analyzer (KDA) is a computer-based system for the monitoring of cylinder and fuel injection system performance on diesel engines. The information can be used for tuning of cylinders, ignition timing, checking of cylinder overload, trending, checking of cylinder wear as well as maintenance planning. The system can be installed on new buildings and on ships in operation. Measurements can be done on main engine and auxiliary engines. All measurements are done with a small hand-held unit and the information is automatically transferred to the KDA software. The necessary hardware consists of a portable data logger, electrical junction boxes, sensors and shutoff valves to collect performance data from the diesel engines. Measurement of the fuel injection pressure is available as an option for 2-stroke engines.


Information about the engine’s operation and condition is displayed both numerically and graphically in the user-friendly software. Curves and bar graphs are used in the presentations, where colors separate and highlight the data. An analysis, where data are compared against mean and reference values, provides the user with information about possible inefficient operation of the engine. A text editor included in the software enables the user to add his own comments to the measurements, for instance additional figures, special running condition etc. All information can be printed in the engine condition report and sent onshore

Numerical tabulation of recorded and calculated data for one condition:

Pmi Mean indicated pressure
Pcomp Compression pressure
Pmax Maximum combustion pressure
Amax Crank angle at maximum combustion pressure
Pexp Expansion pressure (pressure at 40. degrees after TDC)
Pmax-c Pressure rise due to combustion
Aign Ignition timing
Pinjmax Maximum fuel injection pressure
Ainjmax Crank angle at max fuel injection pressure
Power Indicated power in cylinder
Rpm Speed of engine during measurement
Scav Scavenging air pressure

Trending of all parameters is available

Bar graphs make it easy to check the engine balance, overload or deviation in operating parameters for the cylinders.

Parameters for relative or absolute presentation:

• Mean indicated pressure
• Max combustion pressure
• Compression pressure
• Expansion pressure
• Ignition timing

The bar graphs are effective tools for tuning of the engine and for maintenance planning. This makes it easy to identify wrong ignition timing for one or more cylinders



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