Web based solution for Kyma Ship Performance

Kyma Online is a powerful web based management tool for evaluating fleet performance. It allows the onshore technical about to follow each ship or complete fleet with easy and secure access from any internet connected PC or Tablet. The system works with all common browsers.

The easily understood colour-coded presentation of the vessels status,together with nautical information, allows the operator to readily identify where a vessel’s performance has fallen significantly below its individually calibrated benchmark state.

The consistent use of colour throughout makes it simple to identify a vessel’s performance with regard to hull fouling, propeller condition, hull performance and degraded main engine performance.

For ease of use, each vessel may be categorized into one or more classes. The application displays comparative data between vessels in the class, allowing differences in their performance histories to be clearly identified.

Detailed statistical analysis of speed loss, and its associated fuel oil impact, makes Kyma Online an important asset in assessing the performance of a fleet.

Kyma Online API
The easy and secure way to access and share your Ship Performance data.
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