Propulsion economy is based on fuel efficiency and ship reliability. To achieve an optimum result, you need the best balance between fuel consumption, power output and ship speed. This can be obtained from accurate information provided by high quality instrumentation.

Kyma performance monitoring systems provide bridge and engine officers with vital propulsion data for cost-effective operation of the ship.

Reduced fuel consumption

As fuel consumption is a major cost factor, the use of Kyma performance monitoring systems can contribute significantly to an improved bottom line. By providing hull fouling and propeller roughness indication. Kyma performance monitoring makes it possible to evaluate the economic impact of reduced propeller efficiency and increased hull resistance. It can show the effect of any action taken to improve hull or propeller smoothness.

Overload protection

Early warning signals provide a further benefit for the continuous monitoring of propulsion components. These can indicate the overload stress on components and thus prevent an unexpected breakdown. To achieve optimum operation without overloading can also prolong the operating life of components -giving better total economy and improving the return on investment.

Performance evaluation

Contracts for new buildings are based on performance estimates from model tank testing. Kyma performance monitoring systems can confirm precisely the contract performance parameters or specify any deviations.

Kyma Performance Monitoring a two-step system package

Kyma can supply a total system concept for ship performance monitoring. It consists of two configuration levels, ranging from propeller propulsion data to fully integrated computer measurements of all energy transfer from fuel flow input to ship speed. The two configurations can be installed in a complete set or individually, according to requirements.

  1. Kyma Shaft Power Meter, KPM.P
  2. Kyma Ship Performance, KSP

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