About Kyma a.s

Kyma a.s maintains a quality assurance system in accordance with the requirements with which our products, markets and customers demand at any time.

Quality management is a joint goal for all Kyma employees and shall be used actively as a tool to obtain an adequate and continual profitability. We deliver our products and services in line with the laws and regulations applicable to the area where the products shall be used, or the service carried out.

Products developed by us, or products where we have the design responsibility, shall be evaluated based on the applicable laws and regulations for Health, Safety and Environment.


KYMA Shaft power METER
KYMA Shaft power METERKyma performance monitoring systems provide bridge and engine officers with vital propulsion data for cost-effective operation of the ship.
Kyma Ship performance
Kyma Ship performanceKyma Ship Performance is the most sophisticated solution for overall vessel performance monitoring. This system integrates the Kyma Power Meter system with advanced Windows™ based PC software that continuously analyses performance data.
Kyma online
Kyma onlineKyma Online is a powerful web based management tool for evaluating fleet performance. It allows the onshore technical, about to follow each ship or complete fleet, with easy and secure access from any internet connected PC or Tablet.
Kyma Diesel Analyzer (MIP)
Kyma Diesel Analyzer (MIP)A sophisticated MIP system for engineers to optimize the performance of diesel engines. User friendly software for operation both on board the vessel and at the office onshore.
Kyma Steam Analyzer
Kyma Steam AnalyzerKyma Steam Analyzer (KSA) is an analysis tool for optimum steam turbine plant operation. It consists of an advanced software package for the calculation of heat balance and component efficiencies, engineering support for instrumentation upgrading, and commissioning of the system.
KYMA Test power meter
KYMA Test power meterIn order to meet an increasing market demand, we have designed the Kyma Test Power Meter, TPM. This is a lightweight portable instrument for temporary installation on propeller shafts.