The Maritime industry has a strong focus on fuel efficiency and on keeping emissions to a minimum in order to allow sustainable sea freight. For this purpose, will Kyma Delfini, with continuous and accurate monitoring of ship performance parameters be a powerful aid to ship owners and operators.

Kyma Delfini collects data onboard the vessel, process the data, and presents the data in a way that is easy to interpret and understand.

Monitoring Performance Data

Kyma Delfini is a system for the continuous monitoring of vessel performance data. The system can be adapted to all types of vessels and machinery configurations and is flexible regarding the type and number of signal inputs.

Input and output values

Kyma Delfini receives inputs from torque meter(s), fuel oil flowmeter(s), speed log, alarm monitoring systems, bridge instrument(s), etc., and combines these with additional inputs entered by the user. Based on the inputs, Kyma Delfini calculates additional parameters.

Kyma Delfini interfaces with a range of signals such as analogue, digital, pulse signals and serial inputs (NMEA0183, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, etc). The variables are continuously logged and updated. The stored values can be transferred to the owner’s office as an ASCII file. Kyma Delfini also provides a graphical presentation of the propeller reference curve, including over-torque meter limits.

Typical Outputs

Shaft Power/RPM/Torque/Thrust (instant and accumulated)

Fuel consumption by fuel type for each consumer (instant and accumulated)

Total Ship fuel consumption (instant and accumulated)


Main Engine(s) SFOC

Main Engine(s) % MCR

Propulsion Effiency

Fuel Efficiency

CO2 and SOx emissions


Propeller Slip

Generate reports

Kyma Delfini also provides the capacity to generate noon-noon and voyage summary reports. These reports can be exported in Excel format. It is also possible for the shore office to receive the reports automatically if the Kyma Delfini is connected to the LAN network onboard.

Layout of Delfini system

Overview Kyma Performance Systems

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